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Donapaula Sorting Station, Donapaula, Goa

A unique team of Engineers and Researchers from around the world have come to together to form AYYA. We at AYYA look at Waste Mangement as a service for the betterment and sustainability of our Nation and the World. We are a culturally diverse and International Team and so harmony at work place and with our customers is a basis of our operations everyday. AYYA means “Sacred Woman” in Pali Language which is one of the oldest languages in India. We respect equality of women and women empowerment. Once of the part of our operations in waste mangement is recycling of waste. However we are working and campaigning towards waste reduction and reuse. We also give Normalised Second hand gifts to promote reuse of products.

Local Government Support

Corporation of the City of PANAJI (CCP)

Donapaula Sorting Station
Caranzalem Sorting Station
Altinho Sorting Station

AYYA waste management operates three Sorting Stations in Panaji City in association with Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP). Two of the sorting stations are located close to each-other one in Donapaula and another in Caranzalem and another is located in Altinho area close to the Joggers park. The dry waste from 5 different wards within the Panaji city comes to these Sorting stations. The waste is manually segregated in to more than 25 different fractions and sent for recycling. We are presently handling a capacity of more than 80 to 90tons of waste every month. In this we are able to achieve more than 80% recycling rate. We employ more than 12 Safai Sathis on a regular basis in these facilities. More than 60% of our employees are woman.

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Motivating society towards source segregation

Recycle - AYYA Waste Purchase Model

The best practice in Waste Management begins with segregation of waste at source. Waste that is source segregated can be efficiently recycled with minimal processing including sorting etc. Effectively turning source segregated waste in to a resource. AYYA waste management has implemented a purchase model of source segregated waste in our sorting stations in Donapaula & Caranzalem. We display the purchase price of each type of waste so that customers can get paid accordingly for the segregated waste they bring. We also educate our customers to bring more cleaner waste. We believe that this is one of the best ways to motivate customers towards leading a sustainable waste management model at homes & business.

Waste Mangement for

Hotels, Restaurants & Residential Complexes

  • World class waste pickup and Recycling services.
  • Timely & Reliable with redundant pickup teams.
  • Promotes Eco-friendly Zerowaste campuses and homes.
  • Constant advice on consumable purchase, FMCG, Groceries etc to reduce packaging waste and reduce waste volume generated.
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Waste Management Service Innovations

Cleanse-Up™ : One of our most Unique services

The Cleanse-Up™ service that AYYA offers is not yet another name of the usual cleanup. We provide you this service through our in-house expert team who are trained to identify even very small plastic waste particles which are normally ignored in usual cleanups. The result is a perfectly clean campus pure and closer to the Nature. We don’t stop with just a one time Cleanse-UP, we can provide you continues support to maintain the campus and help you to brining behavioural changes in students, people or employees.
Types of Cleanse-Up’s we offer
• Standard
• Deep Cleanse
We also provide you long-term yearly contracts with value-added services. Please get in touch with us to know more. We can show a demo in your campus !

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Waste Management Service Innovations

Home Cleanse Solutions

Shining Clutter free homes

Contact us for your home cleaning and recycling needs. We provide excellent cleaning services along with disposal of the waste in responsible ways.
Highlights of Home Cleanse
• Door-step on call service.
• One time call service also provided.
• Routine cleaning service option also available at discounted rates.
• Responsible Waste disposal & Recycling.
• Get more space in your home & less clutter with each AYYA Home Cleanse.
• Self cleaning and Waste disposal service alone also available.

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Waste Management Service Innovations

HOT SPOTS Cleanse-Up™

Waste hot spots are common in India in Urban as well as suburbs. Hot Spots starts with one person dumping garbage in an unmonitored area and then later others following the poor example. AYYA provides HOT SPOT Cleanse-Up an unique service to address the issue from its root and then find a sustainable solution
• One time cleanse-up or routine maintenance of the location.
• Provision of dustbins for the location & clearing bins on regular basis.
• Educate people and bring positive change.
• Support for R&D activities on behavioral study of people dumping waste in the area.

Safai Saathi

A dignified name to our staffs

Safai Saathi is anyone who works towards the betterment of the environment in any form. There are many Invisible Environmentalists around us who we fail to acknowledge in daily life. Have you ever noticed the lady walking with the huge white bag on her back? Did you ever wonder where she’s coming from, what she is doing or what is she going to do with all the waste that she’s collecting? Does anyone pay any kind of gratitude to her for keeping our surroundings clean? Did you ever thank her?

Waste Value Chain – Waste value chain is the system which revolves around waste. Once the waste is picked up from our house/a place it revolves with many stakeholders like the Safai Saathis (waste pickers), Kabaadiwalas (scrap dealers), Paryavaran Mitras (municipal corporation employees) before it finally goes to recyclers where something else is made out of that waste or it goes to landfill.

Safai saathi
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Waste Management Service Innovations

15 Days Behavioral Change Campaign

We demonstrated the effectiveness of our service products like Cleanse-UP, HOT Spot Cleanse-Up etc.. through a 15 day behavioral change program in an area close to one of our Sorting Station in Caranzalem in Goa. Given below is what we implemented and its outcome.


• Identified an area with approximately 50m X 300m with a Beach Resort, Restaurant and 30 families living adjacent to it.
• The area is also entry to the Caranzalem beach. So it is used as parking space by people visiting the beach for fun, recreation or routine beach workouts.
• Surveyed each home in the area and collected data about present waste management situation.
• Educated homes about the importance of waste segregation.
• Educated about Sanitary waste segregation & Marking them clearly before disposing along with dry waste.
• Spoke to Children about Hazards of Littering waste in the open.


• Placed Dustbins in prominent locations.
• In the 15days we did cleanups everyday collecting a total of 1219Kg (approx. 1.2 tons) of drywaste which we segregated and sent for recycling.
• Placed small metal tins to collect cigarette bud waste to prevent littering of them.
• Stream-lined daily waste collection in the area with Kind support from CCP (Corporation of the City of Panaji).
• Planning to engage children's for a positive change through library sessions in association with Book Worms NGO in Panaji.

Events and Visits


Schools,Colleges, Corporates, Any Group or Any Individual want to know about Waste Management sector or safai sathi can visit our Facility
To visit our facility Contact us.

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Waste Management Service Innovations

Plogging Club PANAJI

AYYA Waste Mangement in association with Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) formed the city's first Plogging Club to promote fitness and litter cleanup in public spaces together. We conducted a 2km long Plogging Event as part of the effort to form the Plogging Club and also to promote Plogging. We collected a total of 996Kg of waste in our first cleanup. The 15 Day Behavioral change campaign was the next event collecting a total of 1.2tons of waste. We will continue the good efforts and activities of Plogging club with the enthusiastic support from our Volunteers.


Ayya keeps on organising and collaborating with clean-up drives and events. To organise or Collaborate in any event Contact Us.

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